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Clash Royale Free Accounts

Supercell, that addressed millions with Clash of Clans and made a fortune with this single game, has solidified its position in the Android gaming market with its brand game Clash Royale. In this game which you see Clash of Clans characters at first glance you can say that a mixture of Hearthstone, Plants and Zombies and tower defense games emerge.

First of all, it is a very entertaining game that only comes out in certain countries. Android users can download this game, the biggest trump card of Supercell, by using APK. Or it can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


This article will provide detailed information about Clash Royale. If you read the rest of the article, you will find out how to make a new clash royale account, how to play it, the tactics you need to succeed in the game, the methods to play the game for free and free Clash Royale accounts and passwords.

Free Clash Royale Accounts is the latest game produced by Supercell. Most of the cards in Clash Royale are quoted from Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a strategy game and game modes like 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 are available. What is important in the game is purely strategy. So the better your strategy, the more games you win.

The best thing about Clash Royale is that you can play for free. It does not warn you to pay continuously and therefore it is completely free to play. If you want, you can buy a variety of boosters such as gold, emoticons or diamonds.

Free Clash Royale Account Generator

Clash Royale account generator you can get an account. We will provide Clash royale free account for those who want to have it for free. These accounts are accounts shared via social media. That’s why we didn’t log into these accounts. You’ll see if these accounts are real. Let’s share clash rolaye free accounts right away. You can only use 8 cards in each battle.

There are some points to consider when using these cards. The most important is the amount of potion of the cards. If you don’t adjust the potion amount of the cards, it will be really hard to win. For this reason, you have to adjust the potion average of the 8 cards you choose best.

User Name Login:Password:

Free Clash Royale Accounts (November New!)

We’re going to give you these accounts that were shared through social media in September. These Free Clash Royale Accounts were shared by their owners. You can find top-level accounts. There are also jewels and game coins in these accounts.If you want to get your accounts in this game, you will need to check that it works first. Because when we get these accounts, we don’t know if they work. So you have to check.

User Name Login:Password:

If you don’t get an account, let’s send us a free account write us a mailing address by typing in the comments panel.

How to Play Clash Royale on Computer?

Supercell’s mobile game Clash Royale, the developer of successful mobile games like Clash of Clans, is officially available for Android and iOS in mobile stores. Clash Royale, an online card game, allows players to make fast and fun matches. But there are a lot of people who don’t just want to enjoy this entertainment on mobile devices. You will be able to play Clash Royale on your computer with the method we will describe.

With our “How to play Clash Royale PC” guide, you can also avoid the limitations and problems of mobile versions of the game. In addition, you can overcome your performance problems with this method.

How to Download Clash Royale?

You can use the Bluestacks software to play Clash Royale on a computer. This software allows you to run a virtual Android operating system on your computer. Download and establish this software on your computer.

After you download and install Bluestacks on your computer, run the program. You’ll need to make a few adjustments after the application opens. First, click on any application you see on the Bluestacks main screen. When you do this, you will see the initial settings page of Bluestacks.

  • Click Continue on this screen and start configuring the initial settings of Bluestacks.
  • Click on the “New account” button on the next screen
  • First you are asked to enter a name and last name. You don’t need to give your real name here, enter any names and surnames in the blanks and click on the forward arrow
  • You will now create an email account that you will use to free clash royale account. Type the name of your email address in the field and click the forward arrow.
  • In the next step, you must set a password with a minimum length of 8 characters. Select your password and enter it in the spaces, then click the forward arrow button.
  • After the password is generated, click “Not Now” in the window that appears and continue the process.
  • In the next window, you can uncheck the boxes under the Backup and Restore and Communication sections. Then click the forward arrow button.
  • In the window that appears, click Agree.
  • Now, to verify your identity, type the text you see in the thumbnail into the space and click the forward arrow.
  • Return to the main screen of the Bluestacks initial settings window. Continue by clicking Continue.
  • In the small window that appears, check the box next to the e-mail account you just created, and then click OK. Your account will now attempt to sync. But at this stage you may get an error message. In this case, try to log in to the account you created by entering your free clash royale password. When the process fails, you will be prompted to log in via the web. You need to use a phone number for this.
  • Enter your phone number in the space and click Get code. Enter the code on your phone in the next window to complete the process. You will now return to the Bluestack initial settings main screen.
  • Click Continue to complete the last section of the Bluestacks initial configuration.
  • You will now be prompted to log in with the email account you just created. Click Next, then enter your password in the window that opens to the next step.
  • You can finish setting up the Bluestacks initial settings by clicking the Done button without selecting anything in the new window that appears.
  • You will now download the Google Play Games app on Bluestacks to play Clash Royale.
  • To download the Google Play Games app, return to the Bluestacks home screen and start the analyze by typing Google Play Games in the search section here.
  • Download and install the app. Now you are ready to download Clash Royale. Return to the Bluestacks main screen again and search for this by typing Clash Royale.
  • Start the download by finding the app. Now you can play Clash Royale with free clash royale account and password on your computer, have fun.

What is Required to Play for Free Clash Royale Accounts?

After the installation process, you have to open the program by clicking the icon of the program on the desktop or from the file you have installed. After opening the program you will see popular used games and applications on the screen. On this screen you can find the Clash of Clans and log in. Besides Clash of Clans, you can open other applications and games with BlueStacks emulator.

You will be prompted to log in to your Google account while performing the previous step. Here you need to login by entering the email and password of the Google account you use on your phone or tablet. If you do not log in, you will not be able to access your Clash of Clans village and you will start from level 1, starting from scratch. By relying on BlueStacks, a secure emulator, you can enter your login free clash royale accounts information with peace of mind.

You can enter the Clash of Clans game after logging in to your account or creating your new account. If you have already played the game, your own village is loading. If you are not already a Clash of Clans player, as mentioned above, a new village is created and you start playing the game. Logging in to your account may take a long time.

What are the Special Tips for Clash Royale Players?

With Clash of Clans, Supercell has captured a huge audience in the mobile lane and launched the incredibly entertaining new game Clash Royale. Combining strategic games with card games, Clash Royale has already managed to lock millions of players into their smartphones by delivering an unprecedented PvP experience! It will be provided tips for players who are new to buy clash royale account, or want to improve themselves in the game, and share a helpful guide to help you.

The Clash Royale tips and tactics we’re talking about are often created to help beginner players, but it’s also worthwhile to have a look at high trophy players. Maybe you can see points you didn’t notice in the game in order to move your game further.

Who Should wait for the First Move?

If there is no super card for the opening, It’s usually good to wait before you make your first move. See which card your opponent is playing, try to play the card that can respond accordingly. You don’t always get lucky with the starting hand, but you should keep in mind that Clash Royale is a strategy game; If you respond by spending less than your opponent’s potion, you will be one step ahead of the game. This is really important.

When are You Banned from the Game?

If you are playing Clash of Clans and you use trick, hack and bot tools in the game, you can be banned permanently in the coming days. Clash of Clans, which is one of the most revenue-generating games of mobile devices with the highest number of players, is the target of tricks due to this high number of players. In order to make progress in the game, you need to take the time to play; however, some players have an unfair advantage with the Clash of Clans boots and Clash of Clans hacking. After this attempt, hackers may hack your account too to sell clash royale account. When this situation occures common in any game, interest in that game decreases and players start to leave because there is no justice. Supercell continues to work hard to prevent this situation such as using free clash royale account finder. For this purpose, the company has given temporary ban to many games in the past and warned them not to apply to such 3rd party tools.

Supercell, who thinks that temporary bans are not enough to stop the tricks in the game, is in the process of preparing a new ban wave and this time the ban wave will put a heavy penalty on the cheating players. This ban will begin in the coming days in the 3rd party bot, cheating and hacking tools to detect the players who are cheating and these players are targeted to be permanently banned from the game. In this way, players who play the game without any cheating Clash of Clans’tan cool down. Banned player will need to learn how to recover clash royale account probably.

Supercell acknowledges that innocent players are also likely to be affected. This means that the banned players will appear even though they are not cheating. Supercell promises to look into each of these situations carefully and help unfairly banned players. If your account is unfairly banned, you can contact Supercell to prevent the clash royale account for sale. If you’re thinking of cheating in Clash of Clans, you should leave this idea immediately.

How to Recover Clash Royale Account?
Are you one of those people who say, “I forgot my password to Clash Royale”? Do not worry. Supercell is able to re-issue those who have lost or forgotten their old account password. How to recover Clash Royale old account? And how to change free clash royale passwords?

What is Clash Royale Account Recovery?

If you can’t access your account in Clash Royale, there are of course different reasons. You may have forgotten your Clash Royale password. You may not have linked your account to your mail. Although it is not as easy as you think to recover your account in such cases, it is clash royale account recovery.

If you remember your email address…
If you’ve linked your Clash Royale account to your mail and still can’t bring it back, you should first check your password. If you do not remember it, try to recover your password from the support department of the company from which you received your mail. Depending on whether your mail is Gmail or Hotmail, you can retrieve your password as a result of various processes. When you enter the game you are probably given free clash royale accounts and passwords that started from scratch. If you add your password to the settings section, the game will automatically redirect you to your old account.

If Apple users cannot access Game Center and Android users cannot access their accounts after entering their emails in Google Play, you have entered your mail incorrectly. If you have different mail addresses, try them in turn.

If you do not remember your email address…

Of course there are players who do not link their account to a mail. Our advice is to link all accounts to emails. Please note that the only way to keep your account secure is to link your personal mail to your account. However, if you have not connected to your mail and cannot access your old account, you normally wonder that how to get clash royale account back.

Enter the settings from the game. Click the help and support button at the bottom left. From there, click on the lost account option. Choose which problem you are experiencing from the options here. If you still haven’t found a way to recover your old account after reading the instruction, answer No to the question Did you find this helpful below? Then you will click Contact Us. Click here. Then report your problem to the game operators.

How to Change Clash Royale Password?

To change your Clash Royale password, you need to log in to your Google Play account if your phone is an Apple Game Center or if it’s an Apple brand. Clash Royale password change is done by e-mail, not by the game. If you change your password, your Clash Royale account password will also be changed. Once you receive your account, remember to link it to an email address that you will not forget.

How to Delete an Clash Of Clans Account?

Every mobile game user is bored over times. Or, he decides to delete the game, avoiding the game being too addictive. However, the deletion of new generation games does not end with the removal of the application from mobile phones or devices. This requires a separate process. You can perform clash of clans account deletion in a short time by performing the following items.

First you need to delete the game from your device. You will also receive a warning to remove this game from your phone or computer. Confirm all warnings you will encounter.

After the first step, you must also exit the Game Center or Play Store from the settings menu.

Then go to SettingsGeneralReset. And click on the options you see to delete the game’s application.

After the process is completed and deleted, your device switches off and on again. Once turned on, your device will want to connect to the Game Center or Play Store. However, do not enter your old account at this time. Login with a new address.

You may receive a warning that you have opened a new Game Center account in the form of a village. Cancel this warning. If you do not cancel, your old game will be reloaded.

By following these steps one by one, you will succeed how to delete clash royale account from your iOS and Android devices. These steps allow you to complete your Clash of Clans account deletion.


By assimilating the information contained in this article, you can learn about the game Clash Royale, learn how to play the game. You can comprehend how to download and play the game on your phone or on your computer. If your account was accidentally closed, you will find ways to recover it. Or you can voluntarily delete your account.

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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