Free Amazon Account & All Amazon FAQs (All Secrets are Inside) (2020)

Most people who want to get into the online sales business are confused about where to start. In fact, this is understandable, because there are many options available in online sales. These include eBay, Etsy and of course Amazon.


Starting an online business for new and determined entrepreneurs can be a bit scary. Therefore, in this article we have explained step by step the process of starting Amazon business for you. We have divided this process for you in four:

First we’re going to talk about getting into the Amazon business. Don’t be intimidated by the word business. Your business in Amazon can be as simple and small as you want, or large and complex. In the next stage, we will provide information about the cost of starting to sell in Amazon. In fact, this process is normal, compared to opening a store is a process quite inexpensive. Then we will talk about Amazon Seller Account and the process of creating an account in Amazon. And finally, we’re going to focus on a few more basic sales issues at Amazon.

How to Get Started with Amazon in 3 Easy Steps?

Decide what you want to sell. You don’t need to create your own private label right away. Many vendors start by selling their used products on Amazon Business Account. You can start by selling your used books, the products you buy from wholesalers, and the discount products you buy from big stores.

Complete the Amazon reseller membership process. Don’t be freaked out by the word seller, we’re not talking about a big company. You can also sell individually on free Amazon Prime.

List your products. When you sign up for Amazon, you’ll need to list your products. Then all you have to do is wait for future sales.

How Do I Create an Amazon Merchant Account?

Once you have decided on the product you want to sell on Amazon, you will have to create Amazon seller account, which is a very simple process.

First, visit

Scroll down to the “Start Selling on Amazon today” section. Find the “Selling on Amazon>” button on the left and click here.

Note: If you prefer to have Amazon free trial and do not wish to open a professional reseller account with a membership of $ 39.99 per month, skip this section and continue by clicking the orange “Start selling” button above.

How Will You Choose the Type of Vendor Account You Want to Start with?

If you are selling more than 40 products per month, register for a “professional” Amazon new account. Even if you are going to pursue this as a hobby and do not think of yourself as a professional, this is a profitable method again. If you are selling less than 40 items, select an “individual” Amazon com my account. You can also sign up when you create new Amazon account individually, especially if you’re waiting for your products to arrive or if you don’t have enough inventory to sell more than 40 products per month. Enter your email address and select “Create a New Account’’. Enter your personal information and create a password.


What is Amazon Seller Agreement and Business Information?

At this stage, you need to enter the name of your business and accept and confirm the terms of use of Amazon. You don’t need a legitimate business to sell on www Amazon com account. If you register as an individual seller, you can enter your full name instead of the legal name.

Enter your business information and verify that you are not a robot. Here you will have to enter all your business information. Amazon will also send you a text message to verify that you are a real individual, not a robot. Therefore, you will also need to enter your mobile phone information for Amazon com login account.

Which Type of Invoice and Deposit Methods are Available?

Amazon also needs your credit card information due to costs such as advertising costs or your professional reseller subscription fee. Your bank account information on Amazon payments account will also be required to deposit money when you make a sale. If you want to see how things work with a completely Amazon prime free trial, you can continue without giving your credit card information.

You’re a seller now! You may need to set up a 2-step verification to protect Amazon your account after this process, but when you’ve completed your preparations, all you have to do Amazon account login to

Is it Free to Sell on Www Amazon Account?

One of the best things about selling on Amazon is that you can start selling on Amazon account online without spending any money. (Of course, if you don’t buy your inventory and sell your used products.) You don’t have to spend a penny to open a reseller membership on free Amazon account and start selling with an individual merchant account.

However, some fees will be deducted from you when you sell. It would be nice to use Amazon’s website and get free FBA services, but ultimately Amazon prime account is a commercial business. But when you think of the number of customers you can deliver your products, you’re very likely to find Amazon’s fees too little.

What are Amazon’s Fees?

Some of the charges my Amazon account adds to your orders are as follows.

Note: These fees are deducted after the sale of the product, not before.

  • Amazon referral fee: This is the commission fee Amazon prime my account charges for using your own platform. This fee varies from category to category, but is usually between 12-40 %. For most products this charge is 15 %.
  • Individual seller fee: This is a fee of $ 0.99 added to the referral fee for each sale you make by Amazon trade in account.
  • FBA fee: If you use Amazon’s FBA (Amazon preparation) program, you will have to pay Amazon preparation and shipping charges for your products. This is roughly around $ 3.00 for small products that weigh no more than a pound. This fee will increase as the volume of the product grows and the weight increases. With the Amazon free shipping code you can avoid shipping costs.
  • Other fees: In addition to the three basic fees mentioned above, if you use the FBA program when you make Amazon account, you may have fees such as inventory storage fees, advertising costs, etc. Don’t be intimidated by these fees. When you calculate, you will see that these small fees will keep all of these things less than you do yourself.

What is Amazon Professional Merchant Account?

If you plan to sell more than 40 products per month in Amazon, you will probably need an Amazon professional reseller after set up Amazon account. You will pay a fixed fee of $ 39.99 per month for this membership. Of course, you’re wondering how to sell on Amazon for free forever. Read on to find out how to do this and pay attention to the advice we will share in the rest of our article.

What is FBA?

FBA means Abbreviation for Fulfillment by Amazon. This is a service that includes after Amazon seller account login for keeping your inventory for you in one of the preparation centers. When you sell, Amazon employees pick up your product, provide packages, shipping, and provide customer service for you.

What is Private Label?

Private Label is a method of selling products under your own brand on Amazon. It is considered by most Amazon gurus as the most profitable method. Moreover, it’s very popular among Amazon chase account options.

Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms, has been serving in different countries of the world for years. One of these features is the Amazon Prime, which was first introduced in the United States in 2005 and is now being implemented on all Amazon sites around the world.

What is Best Seller Ranking (BSR)?

All products on Amazon my account login are ranked according to the Best Seller Ranking (BSR). The more popular a product is and the more it is sold, the higher the BSR rank of that product. Each category and sub-category in Amazon has its own BSR classification.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a platform that allows customers to have the products they want on the same day or the next day, paying a monthly or annual fee. In addition, free Amazon prime account is able to attract attention with its services. Customers can benefit from a wide range of services both for unlimited fast shipping and for a fee they pay. Not every country can benefit from the Amazon Prime features.

With Amazon Prime, you can benefit from special discounts for Amazon prime student free trial members, as well as various special campaigns for Prime members. Amazon Prime membership is available for $ 10.99 in the US and € 7.99 in Europe.

What are the Amazon Business Account Benefits?

What makes Amazon Prime famous and that makes it so popular today is the Amazon prime free shipping service that it offers. Among these services, Amazon prime video free and series and Amazon prime movies free service comes first. This service offers users unlimited Amazon prime video free trial and series archives like Netflix. There are also premium quality productions made exclusively for Prime Video, starring World famous stars. One of the main advantages of Prime Video is that it can be used on platforms such as iOS, Android, Smart TV, XBOX, PS4.

The most common question if it is Amazon music free with prime. Prime Music offers an unlimited Amazon free music archive, just like Apple Music and Spotify. While paying for other services, Prime Music is available at no extra cost. Amazon prime free kindle books and E-book are another important advantage of Amazon Prime. Thousands of e-journals and Amazon prime free books in the Amazon archive are available free of charge to Prime users. With unlimited photo storage, members with Prime membership have the opportunity to store unlimited photos in their accounts free of charge, such as services that offer storage services such as Dropbox and iCloud.

Weather audible free with Amazon prime is suitable for you, you can get benefits from this opportunity. As you can see, with Amazon Prime, you can have all the features of worldwide applications such as Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, iCloud, Dropbox in one account for Amazon prime free audiobooks.

Is it Possible to Try Amazon Prime?

As with many paid services, Amazon prime free trial student or seller account can be opened on Amazon Prime. If you are satisfied with the service at the end of the trial process, you can switch to the paid version or terminate the membership.

How to Register for Amazon Prime?

You probably want to know how to get Amazon prime for free of charge for 60 days using the detailed method. When you click on the link, you will see a screen by clicking the button in the ” Start your Amazon prime 30 day free trial ” area surrounded by the Red Box.

In this screen, credit card and address information must be entered before. Amazon does not charge your credit card during the trial period. If this information has already been entered, click on the button labeled ‘’Try it now – pay after 30 days ”marked in the box.

The 30 day Amazon Prime trial will then be launched. During this time, Amazon will not charge your card. If you wish, “Remind me before renewing” by selecting the option to avoid any problems 3 days before the end of your Amazon prime free for students membership can receive informational mail.

With Amazon prime login and password, services can be used as desired for 30 days after the completion of this process. With the reminder you have activated, you can convert your Amazon Prime membership to a paid account after 3 days prior to the end of the trial period and terminate your membership. If you terminate your subscription, Amazon will give you 30 more days of trial. This allows you to extend your Amazon Prime trial to 60 days. During these 60 days, you can take advantage of all the features such as free kindle books Amazon prime, good movies on Amazon prime free, Amazon prime audiobooks free.

Which is Better: Amazon Student vs. Amazon Prime?

Amazon student account is an opportunity offered to college students who want to have the benefits of Amazon without having to pay the high annual fee that comes with Amazon. Amazon Student can benefit from all Prime features at a 50 % discount on the regular Amazon Prime fee per year.

Such convenience is provided to students as the e-commerce giant has many students who want to buy books, find an affordable tool to download and publish Amazon music free and best free movies on Amazon prime and other educational items. To qualify for an Amazon Student account, you must currently be a student at any country’s universities. You must have an .edu email address for this.

What is an Amazon Student Account?

Amazon Student account is a great incentive from Amazon for college students. Offers the following advantages:

  • Unlimited 2 day Amazon free shipping promo code on textbooks and millions of other items.
  • There is no minimum order size.
  • Amazon free one day shipping with only $ 3.99.
  • Receive email alerts at special offers.

If you have a children who is studying at university, you can have an Amazon family account together.

What Other Advantages Are Offered with Amazon Prime Student Account?

The free Amazon prime for students also offers the following benefits:

The right to free video games, Amazon free movies and books on the day they are published. While all your friends are waiting to pre-order and receive a popular media stream, you get it instantly and for free with your Amazon student account.

Unlimited access to Prime Photos, allowing you to store all your photos on Cloud Drive for added security and easy access. In addition to storing an unlimited number of photos, you get 5 GB to store some documents that are not counted as images. You may think that the Amazon prime student free 1 year account is a discounted version of Amazon Prime.

How Long is the Trial Period?

If you are unsure and do not wish to receive paid services, feel free to register for a 6-month free trial. The free trial period comes with a few warnings you should be aware of. For example, you can’t stream Amazon music free or borrow Amazon free kindle books during those 6 months. Fort his you need Amazon kindle account. However, you can benefit from the 2 day shipping feature as well as discounts on selected items. If you enroll as a student, if you are an active student, you can switch to a paid account at the current Amazon Prime price until you graduate.

Who is Amazon Prime Account Suitable for?

Amazon Prime membership is ideal for regular shoppers because you qualify for numerous discounts and fast shipping. Plus, you can put everything you need in one place, from shopping to your entertainment needs. Please note that Amazon offers free shipping for orders under $ 35. Even, you can get free Amazon gift card on special days like Black Friday. If you want to know how to get Amazon prime for free forever, you can create a new account with a different student mail each year.

Which Gifts Can You Benefit from on Amazon?

You can get free Amazon promo codes thanks to the campaign e-mails that will be sent to your e-mail on special days. These free Amazon codes can be private to you or you can share them with other people. If you do not receive campaign emails, it is always useful to check free Amazon gift card code generator. These generators not only give you gift codes, they will also guide you on how to get free Amazon gift cards.

You can also buy free Amazon gift card codes for your loved ones through Amazon. Then, they can easily shop with free Amazon gift card code. Although it varies from campaign to campaign, you can share some Amazon free promo code.

You can get Amazon free samples gift by sellers when you shop on. If you are a seller, you can give gifts in a similar way. One of the most common gifts is Amazon sugar free gummy bears. In this regard, especially the best quality branded gift option is haribo sugar free gummy bears Amazon reviews funny.

When you look at the Amazon sugar free gummy bears review, you can see that many users are very pleased with this gift. These Amazon sugar free gummy bears reviews have even shown that people shop even when they don’t need them to earn them. So this can turn into a big marketing strategy.

You may receive more rewards when you open your free trial account or Amazon teen account. These gits include:

  • Amazon free ebooks
  • Amazon hbo free trial
  • Amazon toll free number
  • Amazon free books
  • Amazon free audio books
  • Amazon free baby box
  • Free solo Amazon
  • Amazon fire stick free channels
  • Amazon frustration free packaging
  • free stuff on Amazon
  • Amazon prime free movies list
  • Amazon prime free audible books
  • Amazon prime free books list
  • Amazon free returns

How to Delete Your Amazon Account? members cannot cancel Amazon account themselves. Here’s how to delete Amazon account;

If you want to learn how to close Amazon account, sending an email will be enough for completing the process.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial 2020?

Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives customers access to videos, Amazon free moviesAmazon audible account, e-books, free shipping and a variety of other Amazon-specific services. If you wonder how to cancel Amazon prime free trial first, you must log in to your Amazon account to which the Amazon Prime account you want to cancel is linked. Click the Your Account tab at the top right, and then click Your Prime Membership. You should then click End Membership on the left side of the Your Prime Membership page that opens. After clicking, you will be asked the question of your membership and 3 options. You must select the End Membership button from these three options if you’re ready about how to cancel Amazon account. Amazon continues to offer options. This time, it offers two options and how to cancel Amazon prime account: right now or later. If you interested in Amazon prime free trial cancel immediately, click End Now. If you want to cancel later, click the End Later button. Your Amazon Prime membership has expired. According to Twitch, when you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, Twitch Prime is canceled. But to be sure if it is twitch prime free with Amazon prime cancelled together, it’s a good idea to check your subscriptions through Amazon.

Why is the Amazon Account Locked?

Your account may be locked by Amazin for your security after any suspicious transaction. If your Amazon account locked, you receive an email for warning and about what to do. If your account is locked for security, they will ask you to:

The statement of your credit card you are shopping for. If you have your statement or you have received your statement by email, print it and continue with the following step.

Enter your name, surname, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address you use in Amazon and enter your signature in an empty place on the statement.

If you have a browser, you can scan your statement and take a photo of it and save it in PDF format. If you have your own fax machine, you can also fax from there. This site is free. (Phone numbers are also available below.)

  • If has locked your account, fax: +498938038801
  • If has locked your account, fax: +12062661838
  • If has locked your account, fax: +442033004484

Alternatively, if your account is locked via, select “I can’t sign in to my account” at and enter your phone information. They’ll call you back and give you detailed information. In some cases, customer representatives may also open your account. It is important to unlock your account in order to continue to enjoy Amazon prime free returns.

How to Sell at Amazon Prime?

If you sell with the Amazon FBA program and have enough inventory to distribute to Amazon’s preparation centers, your product can be qualified for Amazon prime login my account. Amazon Prime products cargoes customers 2-3 times a day. What’s more, if you get the “Amazon Prime” badge on your list, you’ll have a better chance of selling your product. Amazon is one of the most successful global sales sites with its own unique applications and highest commission revenue. Product listings do not resemble other intermediary sales sites, and the collection system does not.

What are UPC / EAN and SKU Codes in Amazon?

When you start adding your products, you will see a mandatory field where you need to enter the UPC or EAN code and the SKU code unlike other sales sites. What does UPC / EAN code mean, where do I get it, what is SKU? You should be ready to enter this information when listing your products.

  • UPC (Universal Product Code): This is the 12 or 13 digit barcode number used by US and Canadian companies.
  • EAN (European Article Number): This is the barcode numbering system used by European countries, it can be eight or 13 digits. ISBN for books and ISSN for periodicals.

Your products must have barcode numbers labeled by the manufacturer. In this case, you can enter these numbers without any problem, even if you have listed the same product before you can take advantage of that listing.

However, for example, the products you supply with dropship method, or your own production or handmade products may not have barcodes. In this case, it is possible to purchase UPC and EAN barcodes from intermediary sites that sell barcodes that work in Amazon. You can find people who sell UPC / EAN for Amazon on Ebay and in your Internet searches.

Barcodes should be purchased separately for each color, variety, size. You may not use the numbers you receive in Amazon’s product listing and paste the label into your product, it is not mandatory.

If you apply to Amazon’s Brand Registery program for your branded products, whether handmade or not, Amazon will give you a unique code number for each type of product.

  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): This is the unique stock code that the seller gives to his product.

What is Brand Registery?

What should you look for when applying for Amazon Brand Registery?

The key attributes of your products, ie part number, model numbers, packaging or catalog numbers, should be available when you add them to Amazon;

Having your domain name and e-mail (hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc. e-mails are not accepted);

Your brand must be on the product or on the packaging, the product photos you submit must show the brand.

You must apply with a website indicating that you are the manufacturer and trademark owner, otherwise your application will not be approved. Providing your real and valid company name and detailed information about your business will allow you to confirm. If you want to increase your brand recognition you can share Amazon prime account on social media. Tell people what you’re up to and place link Amazon accounts on different social media channels.

What Can You Do if You Forget Your Amazon Password?

In order to shop on Amazon, you must first create Amazon account. There are some combinations of password setting during the membership process. In general, the password is not very memorable because you need to pay attention to them during the Amazon com password setting process. You may have forgotten the password until you want to log back into the site. When you want to subscribe to more than one site, things get more complicated about the password. You must set a different password in the new combination. Amazon has found a solution to all these problems. If you say I forgot my Amazon password, you don’t have to worry. Because there is a very simple method for this.

The first thing for those who forget the Amazon password is to click the “Forgot your password?” Link on the login screen. After this process, you can use two different methods for Amazon password reset. To enter this screen, you must enter your email address or mobile phone number. If you enter any of these options and press “Continue”, you will receive a text message or e-mail according to the option you have selected. So you can change Amazon password using both methods.

This method will work if you need to learn how to change Amazon password. You may feel clumsy or stupid for forgetting your password. But you don’t need to have such thoughts. Amazon forgot password situation is quite common. Sometimes you have to face with Amazon account hacked. In this case, even if you remember your password, it is better to set a new password for your security.

Connection to Amazon by smartphone can be more easier than computer for you. In this case, you can download Amazon app store free download. Because it’s very popular nowadays, you can try to create Amazon account for firestick. This is a kind of control technology that works perfectly with the Alexa speaker. You can edit and control commands with Amazon fire stick account. If you’re wondering how to use your Alexa wireless speaker, you can manage all your transactions with the alexa Amazon com free app download.


In this article, we talked about how to open an Amazon account and use it for commercial activities. We also highlighted ways to waive Amazon account fees. What’s more, thanks to the tips we share, you now know how to get free stuff on Amazon. You also have an idea of what to do when you forget your account password and unlock your account. Today, you can create an Amazon account and benefit from the many free services the site offers.

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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