Create Email Account For Free (2020)

In order to make online transactions, you should obtain an email address in order to overcome the e-mail address query in almost every environment. Today, even if you make transactions with the state institutions, the mail account is queried. These mail platforms, which follow all the habits of users, aim to provide different experience to their users with various features. Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo are the most preferred email account services.


In this article, you will learn how to create a fee email account and what mail services are available. With comparisons and analyzes of different services, you will be able to decide the most advantageous option to meet your needs.

How to Create Email Account for Free?

Before having an email address, you must decide which free email platform to choose. Although similarities are found in Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail, data storage features and interface operations are very different. In addition, each mail service has its own updates and add-ons. If you create an email account with Gmail, you will have a Google account. And if you create an email account with Outlook, you will have a Microsoft account. Gmail provides a lot of information as soon as you sync your account, and your own information will appear wherever you sign in. This includes even your Youtube list.

How to Create Hotmail Account for Free?

To create a mail account with Hotmail, you must first visit the site.

  • Click the register button below the login section.
  • Write the requested information to the relevant sections.
  • Select any of the email addresses.
  • Fill in the verification graph at the bottom of the page.

How to Create Yahoo Account for Free?

To get a free Yahoo mail account, you can start by visiting the official website.

  • Yahoo asks you to create a unique username and password.
  • It then asks for some of your personal information (date of birth, gender, etc.)
  • In case you forget your mail password, it asks for the email address that you will use for recovery and sends an email to the recovery mail you have written to verify this mail.
  • It asks your phone number for the security of your mail address.

How to Create Gmail Account for Free?

You can use the username and password to sign in to Gmail and other Google products (e.g., YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive) after you created a Gmail account.

  • Visit the Google Account page to create a new one.
  • Choose a password and username that no one uses to set up your account.
  • Sign in to Gmail by using your new account.

You can use Gmail on your Android, iOS and desktop devices. You can use the free mail service with Gmail. You can create a new account with the options that will be given to you to benefit from the gmail services free of charge. Gmail continues to offer free email to google users where you can use the services for free. You can send and receive email by creating an account that you own with personal email.


While email addresses occupy a very important place in every aspect of our lives, creating an email account is equally critical. So you can create an account by choosing from Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail. Gmail is more prominent among all three of these options are free, because of the possibilities it offers.

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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