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Many people use Outlook to manage their emails. Outlook enables users to send and receive emails without opening any web browser or logging into a Webmail service. Even when using your computer, you must have an Outlook account if you do not have a Mac. Therefore, the space that Outlook occupies in our lives is enormous.


In this guide, you will learn how to create an Outlook account for free. This guide uses an email account created from the Hostinger control panel. However, similar steps apply to other email providers.

What do You Need to Create an Outlook Account?

Before you continue through the steps of creating an Outlook account, you need the following:

  • Outlook installed on your computer
  • Active email account from an email provider
  • Your email service provider’s POP3 / IMAP and SMTP information

How to Learn POP3 / IMAP and SMTP Information?

First, you need to learn POP3 / IMAP and SMTP information from the existing email provider of the email address you want to use for free Outlook mail setup. To do so, log in to your Hostinger dashboard and access the Email Accounts section. Click Manage next to the email account where you want to set up Outlook mail, and then click the Information button in the opening section. A window will open with all the email details required for Outlook mail setup. Write down this information or copy it to a text editor on your computer. You will need this information in the next step.

How to Set Up Outlook Mail?

The steps to be used apply to all versions of Outlook. If this is the first time you are running Outlook, you should see a Startup message. Click Continue. You should see the ‘’do you want to configure an email account?’’. Select Yes and click Continue. (Preferably) If this is not the first time you have run Outlook and your email accounts are already configured here, you must click the File button in the top left corner to add new accounts. Then click the Add Account button to configure a new email account: On this page you will find 2 options. You can use the Configure server settings or manually configure additional server types option.

Keep in mind that the first option will automatically attempt to configure your email address. You will not need to enter your server information and you will only be prompted for an email address and password. However, in most cases, it is recommended that you manually set up the email account for correct configuration. You must then select the service for the email account you have configured. Select POP or IMAP and click Continue. You must enter the server information that you previously learned in this step.

  • Your name: This name will be displayed when you send a message to the recipients. You can choose it yourself.
  • E-mail Address: The email address you have set up
  • Account Type: This option depends on you. Most email / hosting providers allow you to choose between POP3 and IMAP. You can choose according to your own use.

Type the initial host address for the incoming and outgoing mail server. In the Login Information section, type your username and password from the provider with your Outlook email account. Remember to check the Remember password box so you don’t enter your password over and over again. In the window that opens, click Outgoing Server.

What do You Need to on Outgoing Server?

Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication. This email / hosting provider should be selected if it requires SMTP authorization.

Select To use when signing in. Enter your username and password provided by your email provider.

Remember to also check the Remember password box to avoid reentering your password every time. When you’re ready, click Advanced. You must then enter both the incoming and outgoing server ports. Enter the incoming server port in the Incoming server section. (The account type you choose – POP3 or IMAP – will vary.) Enter the outgoing server port in Outgoing server (SMTP).

(Preferably) Under Delivery, you can change the settings for Outlook on the original server. You can leave a copy of every email on the original server by selecting Leave a copy of the message on the server. You will then have two copies of each email: one in Outlook and one on the email provider’s platform. When you have completed everything, click OK. You will then return to the previous page. Click Continue.

Outlook will now try to send and receive emails automatically from the email account you have configured. If both tests are successful, the result will be: Completed. If you receive a message that the tests failed, please check the details in your configuration again. If you are sure that it is completely correct, but you still receive an error message, contact your hosting / email provider for support. If the tests are successful, click the Close button.

After successful configuration of your email account in Outlook, you can click Finish and you are ready to use your email account in Outlook.


You have learned how to create and set up a free account in Outlook, one of the most widely used mail services. Creating a free Outlook account with a few small steps you should be aware of is a simple process.

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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