Create Twitter Account For Free (2020)

Twitter is one of the giants of social media applications. Based on tracking, this application is used by millions of people. And this number continues to increase day by day. Because of the ability of famous people to see their own posts and to follow some news instantly like politics or sports, creating a Twitter account sound plausible to many people.


In this article we will find answers to the following questions: Why is it important to sign up for Twitter? What are the stages of registering for the Twitter application? We will provide all information in detail.

Why Do People Create Twitter Accounts?

Many social media applications are based on sharing and following. However, this practice is a plus compared to many other applications. Almost many of the world’s well-known people have a Twitter account. And you have the opportunity to follow these accounts.

It is a great advantage that these famous people or reputable pages have an account here. You can even see a topic anywhere in the world directly from that person. For this reason, the number of people registered to Twitter is increasing day by day. Especially in the field of news is very common use. People interested in sports or politics use this application more actively. Now that you know what benefits a Twitter account has, let’s learn how to create an account.

How can You Create a Twitter Account for Free?

To create a Twitter account, first go to the Twitter home page. Click the register button, which is located in the upper right corner. You will then be asked for some information. Be sure to fill in this information completely.

  • Name and surname information is requested from you in this section. Be careful to fill this section rather than accuracy and make a note of this information to keep in mind.
  • The phone or email area at the bottom is very important. Be sure to fill it in correctly. Because the next time you log in, you will use the email or phone number you typed in this field. (You must have access to the phone or e-mail address you have written here, because you will be asked for confirmation after registration. Likewise, this information will be required later in case of a security problem.)
  • In Password, enter a password that no one else can guess. You will use this password when logging in to your account. To keep this information in mind, be sure to make a note of it.

If you are sure that you have completed this information completely, click the register button at the bottom. This is how you complete the first phase of the Twitter account creation process.

What is the Second Phase of Creating a Twitter Account for Free?

After clicking on the sign up button, you will be asked to fill in the mobile phone section. No one else will see this information unless you ask for it. The advantage of typing a mobile number in this section is that you can easily verify your account when there is a security problem. However, if you still don’t want to type your phone number, click the skip button to go to the next step.

On Twitter account, as in many other applications, the user name is required. This username will appear as @abc after you enter it. So when you tell someone, they can find you directly by searching for this username. In short, this is your Twitter ID. Type a user name that you want in the box. If the application approves, a blue tick will appear next to the box. If this color does not occur, you can try different usernames. After seeing the color, you can go to the next step by clicking next.

How to Add Profile Photo to Twitter?

The photo you add here will be publicly displayed as your profile picture. You can add any photos from your device whether you want to use this camera or not. You can also add later. If you do not want to add it now, you can continue by clicking on the skip button at the bottom. If you have uploaded a photo, continue to the next step.

Twitter wants to know your interests to suggest people to you. You will see the people you can follow based on your chosen interests. Check the areas of interest in this section and say continue. Proceed to the next step.

You won’t have any friends when you create a new account. You can have your friends transferred to this account. If you have someone you want to add privately, you should search for them. You can also do this after you create the account. Therefore, you can also pass directly.

You have now created the account and only have verification step. Click the Verify now button. Your account needs to be validated for it to become active. You will do this verification according to the contact address you provided above. If you have applied for an e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation link message. Clicking this link will automatically verify your account. If you registered with a mobile number, a code will be displayed on your mobile phone. You must enter this code in the desired location. If you enter this code correctly, your Twitter account will be automatically approved.


In this article, we reviewed the method of creating a free Twitter account. Now you can have a new account at no cost and keep track of people you’re interested in. Moreover, at any moment you can share your thoughts with the whole world.

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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