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Verizon is one of the largest GSM companies in America. It is the name of an American telecommunications company. The difference from other GSM companies is that it uses CDMA base instead of GSM. CDMA enables the use of fixed phones wirelessly and without a sim card.

There are no operators outside the US and Canada that provide services through CDMA. Therefore, verizon phones do not work outside of America and Canada. Verizon phones are no different from other GSM devices except that they do not have a sim card slot. You must have a Verizon account to activate your Verizon devices.


In this article, we’ll explore how to activate a verizon device, create a new Verizon account for free, and track your device through your Verizon account.

How to Activate Verizon Wireless Device?

Verizon Wireless customers can activate their phone online by logging in to their My Verizon account on the mobile operator’s official website. The Activate Device option is located on the Activate or Replace Device page. Customers must have phone numbers and Device ID to complete activation.

This method allows customers to activate a brand new or previously used device in just a few steps and start searching within minutes. It also guides you in backing up contacts and transferring a SIM Card if necessary. Some new active phones may not be available until the next day. All pending Verizon orders must be deleted before activation.

To activate a new device, use your account on the Verizon Wireless website to select the line for which you want to activate the device. Select Next, and then select Activate Device. Enter the information required to activate the guide and activate the device.

Activating Verizon Wireless prepaid phones follows the same steps as devices on contract plans, or users can call *22898 from the device. Additional steps may be required to transfer the SIM card from an old device to a new one. Use of the Verizon network requires an active SIM card. Moreover, you must first create a Verizon account to do this.

How to Create a Verizon Account for Free?

To create a free Verizon account, first visit the Verizon Wireless website. Click Sign Up in the upper right. To register, follow the step by step instructions. Select a Verizon user and password to use for subsequent account entries. You will use this information to connect to all Verizon Wireless portals, such as Verizon, VZ Navigator. You will also need to enter your phone number as 10 digits.

After entering the phone number, select ‘’I am not a robot ’’. Then click Next and Continue. Enter the user ID or 10-digit mobile number, password, and click Sign In.

Note: If you sign in to your device for the first time, or if the password was recently updated on a different device, you may need to verify a SecurePIN that can be sent by text or email.

If you wish, enter the answer to the security question, and then click Continue. In the next step, confirm that you are the account holder. This means that you are legally responsible for the account. Click Continue. Select the PIN code required for your account activation to be sent to the registered phone number.

Enter your registration PIN, and then click Verify My Account. Update your account information. Create a user ID. Your ID must be between 6 and 60 characters, contain no spaces, and must not match the password. Generate a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters, contain at least 1 number and cannot be easily guessed. Confirm the password. You can choose a Secret Question to use for security problems with your account. Click the ‘’I accept the Terms and Conditions’’ check box to continue. Click ‘’Complete Registration’’. Creating an account at Verizon is that easy and completely free.

How to Track Verizon Cell Phone via GPS?

Once installed, Verizon Wireless offers a Family Locator service that allows customers to find phones on their maps and receive arrival or departure updates. If a phone is lost or stolen, Verizon Wireless offers Mobile Security Premium, which locates the phone on a map and provides directions.

Both Family Locator and Mobile Security Premium are subscription based services that are not included in the original package, but a Verizon representative can provide them at the time of purchase. Smartphones can also download free third party applications that provide GPS tracking with or without the phone owner’s consent. These applications usually require that the phone be GPS enabled. Most commercial phones come with pre installed GPS chips. It is also possible to monitor normal phones via GPS.

If a phone is permanently lost, Verizon allows Total Equipment Coverage to enable subscribers to order replacement devices the next day. Any location sharing application, such as Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook, uses GPS to let you know where the phone is located. To do this, you can of course use your Verizon account.


Verizon is highly preferred in the United States and Canada because it offers flexible devices. It is very practical to activate a newly purchased device. It also takes just a minute or two to create a free Verizon account. You can then easily follow your device from this account and see the location information on the map.

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

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